Energy from the sun is electrifying the grid and our imaginations while saving money for our customers.


specializes in developing renewable energy power plants with a focus on solar photovoltaics(PV).  We align our expertise with our customer’s goals, creating benefits for them while IMPROVING the Earth’s environment.  



  • Developing renewable energy power plants requires expertise in land acquisition, property leases, Power Purchase Agreements, State and local permitting procedures, structured finance and partnership agreements.
  • Utilizing renewable energy to save money requires collaboration, education, and dedication.  We provide all this for the benefit of municipal officials, business owner’s and residents motivated to trust today’s technology for tomorrow’s savings.
  • We create the opportunity.  You create the vision.

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Who Benefits

  • Our customers save money on their energy every year…with no upfront expense or investment.
  • Our school customers save money AND create educational programs using real time data to bring photovoltaic science into their classrooms and labs.
  • Our property-owning customers earn long term reliable lease revenue.
  • Our investors earn tangible above average returns as well as the intangible benefit of knowing they are investing in a clean energy future with significant benefits for the Earth’s environment.
  • Our contractors and service providers gain experience, training opportunities, new employees, and significant new revenue.
  • Our host States and Municipalities benefit from new tax revenue and the economic “multiplier effect” produced by new solar power plants.

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